Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday, Reagan!

We took Reagan on an audition to be a Baby Gap model.


No, actually it's his FOURTH BIRTHDAY today (wahoo!) and his mother dragged him outside this morning to snap a few pictures with a prayer and a point and shoot. :) I do think we got a few good ones!

I remember when I was pregnant with this kid. I was really hoping that someday I would get to be a boy mom. I mean, if he had been a girl it would have fulfilled every childhood fantasy of having three daughters a la Full House. And I did eventually get that third girl. But I really really wanted to be the mom of a superhero, dinosaur, cars loving little rascal.

So on the day we opened that box and it was blue balloons that came floating out, my heart was very pleased. :) A tiny boy of my very own!

Even though I was excited to shop for little boy clothes and little boy toys and dream of little boy things, I was also sort of hoping I would get one of those quieter, slightly less rambunctious varieties...and that's what we got, haha. We dreamed of Reagan for quite a while, before we had any kids at all, and he was everything we imagined him to be!

He was our one and only boy for a short time. Now another little brother joins the crew, and I don't think anyone was happier about that than Mr. Reagan. A brother sandwiched between all sisters, who spent most of his first years being dressed up in tutus and trying to find his trucks and swords buried in giant piles of baby dolls. I like to think it made him a sweetheart, and I hope he stays that way. :) A sweet spirit who grows into a fine young man. That's my prayer for him!

He really likes to throw those fours around now!

I pray for good friendships to come his way as he grows, to pull him out of his shell and to be a positive influence for him. I pray for good mentors and examples to be placed in his path, to model what it means to be responsible and a gentleman. As much as I want to coddle him and keep him as my own forever, eventually I'm going to have to let this one go. So I pray that when that time comes that he is strong and independent and resourceful and ready to take on the world. Whew, that's a big undertaking...and we have a long way to go! For now, we'll just let him be four.

He's already pretty good at that.

I hope our little man has a great day today hanging out at home with all of his siblings who are now officially on fall break! If there's one good thing about having a bunch of sisters, it's that they definitely appreciate birthdays and making sure the birthday kid gets recognized for everything. He's pretty much king of the castle today, haha. Happy Birthday, Reagan! We love you!


Stefanie said...

Happy birthday! Little boy clothes melt my heart!

Adrien said...

Thanks! :)


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