Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Happy Birthday, Grace! What's New With the Crew

We are very pleased to announce that we have a brand new six year old in the family!

But if you ask Gracie, she has already been six since Sunday. She simply cannot wrap her head around having a birthday party before your actual whole day of birth thing is just a formality. She is at least three days deep into this six year old business.

I'm sure we'll be doing something special to celebrate our October birthdays with a family day coming soon. Until then, it's off to school for the girls today! I hope Gracie girl has a great day in kindergarten. I'm sure she will - she loves it! She whines when it's the weekend...I'm not sure who she belongs to.

So it has been a very long time since I have just done an update on life and the kids and what they are up to and into. I usually start this back up again when a new baby in the family is born. It's a good way for me to keep up with the monthly development of my smallest and to remember all of their milestones. Well, Lincoln is two months old now, and if I'm being perfectly honest....I forgot.

I'm pretty sure the mind starts going somewhere around the third or fourth child, but by baby number five, just forget it. You are destined to live life a little more by the seat of your pants at this point, or so I am learning. Complete mush for brains.

So, in honor of Gracie's birthday, let's start with the older girls shall we?

Grace and Evelyn continue to really enjoy their new school. I adore it, myself. It's such a good fit for us. The girls joined the "Mini Jags" dance club that meets before school on Tuesdays, and they are pretty gosh darned excited about that. I wasn't sure exactly what type of dancing they would be doing, but I'm assuming it's more cheer oriented, because yesterday they came home and were showing off their "cinnamon buns." If you were ever a cheerleader then you know exactly what those are, and if you weren't, has nothing to do with your backside, haha. They have a performance on field day which seems like a really far way off, so we'll see how that goes!

Evelyn auditioned for and got a speaking part in the second grade musical that will be performed later this fall. She's going to be a dinosaur, hehe. Words cannot express how much I am oozing with giddiness over the whole thing. A dinosaur musical. That is perfection. We have to get a costume. Happy elementary nerd mom alert.

As most kindergartners do, Gracie is blowing me away with how much she learning in such a short amount of time this year. She is getting very good at lettering, and she tries SO hard to read anything and everything. "Hey mom, I know what this says." "Hey. Mom. Do you know what this says?" "Mom? Mom? Hey mom? Did you know I can read this?" Haha. She just loves to learn!

Then we have Mr. Reagan, who is my little buddy still this school year. He is ALL every typical way imaginable. He's really into superheroes, loves youtube and video games. He's a very quiet child, comparatively speaking, which is a good thing for me, because I don't have many of those. My girls are LOUD. :) He keeps to himself a lot until he comes to me saying, "Mom, I want to play a game." Or..."Mom, I need a snack."

Or my favorite. "Ugh! It died! Mom, can you plug this in?" That's probably the most used phrased in this house.

He's going to be four one week from today. Four years old. His hair gets sandier every year, and he gets funnier and funnier. He's a trickster, and he tries to fool me all the time and play little pranks. He thinks he is sooo clever. Like when he sticks his hand under the bathroom door and says, "Oh mom! It's Gracie! It's Gracie here mom, let me in." And...he doesn't go away until I call him Gracie. If I say, "I know it's you, buddy!" he'll just stay there forever saying, "No it's not!" And when I finally give in and call him Grace, I can hear him run away giggling, "Oh man, she thinks I'm Gracie!" What a nut!

Charlotte has officially moved up and taken the spot of "family firecracker." She is super strong willed, just like Gracie was. Though, she is much more easily quieted with something to eat or drink, usually. :) While she has Grace's stubbornness and temper, she has inherited Evelyn's goofball side. Charlotte reminds me SO much of Evie at the same age. They have so many of the same mannerisms, and Char jabbers our ears off. I think she's going to be an early talker, which I LOVE. There is nothing better than hearing elaborate stories from a young toddler. The things they come up with!

I still have to watch Charlotte super closely around Lincoln, because she is a stinker. Pretty sure she's convinced she should still be the baby in the family, and who is this little runt anyway? She tries to grab him and scratch him when she thinks I'm not looking. Ay yi yi. I spend my days playing bodyguard. Although she can be quite a handful, my goodness is she cute. That red hair, those dimples, and the cheesy grins she flashes us. We're completely doomed. She can be the loudest, most shrill child we've ever had, but then she'll do something so cute like kiss and cuddle a stuffed animal and say, "Aww" and the whole family says "Aww" and that's it. She wins.

Lincoln is literally just trying to survive one day at a time in this household, haha. I adore this baby. He is so cute and cuddly and good. He sleeps so well, he eats like a champ. At his two month check-up last weekend, he grew like two more inches and he's still at about 97% for height and 50% for weight. Tall and lean...nothing like any of our other kids! But clearly, he's getting enough sustenance.

I never want to forget that little head of dark hair with the sweet swirly cowlick in the back. The thin curvy lips he has that remind me exactly of Christian Bale. I call him my little Batman baby. :) His dark blue eyes that look up at me like a baby bird. The way he squeals when his attacker is coming near. Haha. I hope he ends up looking just like Eric. I think Eric is a pretty good looking guy, so one of our kids needs to look just like him! This kid has completely stolen my heart, all over again. He's the most precious unexpected blessing I've ever received. As I have said with all of our children, I can't wait for him to grow and to do life with him. Happy to have one more little love to share our traditions with!

Naked little sister insisted on jumping in a picture with the birthday girl this morning. :)

If I had to guess, right about now Grace is probably wearing a birthday crown and being doted on. She took some treats for her friends, and the school has a special program to recognize kids on their birthday. The birthday kid chooses a book to donate to the school library ahead of time, and on their birthday someone comes to the classroom to present the book, put in a special name plate in the child's honor and get their picture taken for the library bulletin board. Then the birthday kid gets to be the first one to check the book out and bring it home. I think it's a neat way to give back to the school and make the kids feel special at the same time!

It's tradition to let our birthday child choose what we have for dinner, so Gracie takes the reins tonight. I'm going to laugh if, given all of our options, we end up at McDonalds again this year. :) I'm so thankful for happy days with our family and special moments to share together! 

Hope your day is special, too!

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