Monday, October 3, 2016

Happy October!

...Oh, those are sweet words to my soul.

I'm just going to sound like a big 'ole broken record today, because we've been at this blogging thing for quite a while now and I say the same thing every single year. I love October! It is the best of months.

Today's post will be short and sweet as we share the adjustments we've made to our fall decorations to add a touch of halloween whimsy around here. It was one of a few fun things we did this weekend to welcome October, so let's take a look!


As you can see our mantle is a little more playful these days with the colors of halloween, a few spiders, and my personal favorite - fluttering bats! :) You can see their 3-d effect even better from the side. They are so fun...and I may have gone a little overboard. They pop up in some interesting places around our house. Like maybe even the bathroom, I don't know....

Our friends Abracadabra and Count Batcula are back again this year, taking center stage in our living room. The kids love these two (especially Gracie!) and I do, too. :) There is something so comforting to me about pulling out the same decorations year after year. For kids especially I think it becomes such a nostalgic part of their memories. Nothing tickles my sentimental bones more than hearing my kiddos say, "Oh, I remember this!"

A festive wreath, a few new pumpkins, and a glittery "BOO!" finish it off. The rest of the fireplace is pretty much the same as before, with one extra special important detail....

...the halloween bucket I carried as a kid. That smiling face looks so sweet perched up on the hearth. I'm happy to have found a place to incorporate something special to me into the mix!

The dining room received a few changes as well....

There are some more of those darn bats!

Just like before, there aren't a lot of new things in here, just new places for some dear friends of ours. Stones and Bones are looking mighty fine on the buffet.

Hey guys! It's great to see you out and about again. :) Stones the cat has been with us for quite a while now. Let us journey back in time, several houses and babies ago, to Evelyn's very first Halloween....

Haha, there he is. The closest thing we've ever had to a pet. 

Just did a little rearranging on the side table to make room for the haunted halloween tree, another oldie but goodie.

Oh my....the room is fading again....

... yep. Here we are in the past. Just a little wild west party, and our halloween tree snuck his way into the picture.

Aw, little Evie again. Enjoy that restful sleep as a one and only, kid. It surely won't last long!

Such sweet memories, but I do think Mr. Halloween Tree is enjoying his new home.

I mean just look at him. Can't wipe that kool-aid man grin off of his face!

As you can tell, I glean way too much enjoyment off of this stuff. I couldn't go overboard in some of our rooms though, because soon and very soon our house will be undergoing another transformation. No, not Christmas, and not another remodel (yet!). Later this month we're going to be throwing a TRIPLE birthday bash around here. 

You all know I've thrown a birthday party or two. I've even done double parties with complementing themes. But never in all of my days have I put together one party for three kids with three entirely different birthday party themes in one day. Are we crazy? Yes. Are the kids going to love it? YES. That's why we do it. :) So if anyone asks you what the Mario Brothers, Unicorns, and Spiderman have in common, you can answer with, "They're all making appearances at the Robert house this month!" 

Boy do I wish my time machine traveled forward with pictures like it does backwards. Haha. This could be very interesting. :D

But it's just one of the many reasons why we LOVE October in this family. It's cRaZy fun! 

Here's to a great month. Over and out!


Heather said...

LOVE!!! So jealous of all your places to decorate!! And those bats are awesome!

Adrien said...

Amazon - cheap and cute. My favorite! Haha. :)

Stefanie said...

I need to bust out our Halloween stuff too! I got fall stuff out a few weeks ago and I forgot to grab the Halloween stuff. Your house is just adorable!


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