Monday, October 17, 2016

Triple Birthday Bash!

I am still very much in recovery mode from the weekend, which was equal parts super fun and very exhausting. Our kiddos did not get Columbus Day off last week; instead, they had an early dismissal on Thursday and they had Friday off of school. So they went skipping off to grandparent's houses for a sleepover while Eric and I did a little cleaning and shopping to get ready for some birthdays around here. (Sigh...that was wonderful. Thank you grandmas and grandpa!) Eric and I still like each other pretty good, so it's nice to have some time with less kids every once in a while. ;)

I spent every night staying up much too late decorating and putting things together. I just can't hang like I used to. I remember staying up half the night in the past to ready things for the girls' birthdays when they were little. Now I'm tired just thinking of it. But, we made it!

Gracie is turning six this week, and Reagan will be four next week. Evelyn has a summer birthday, but she didn't get a party this year since we were moving, so...we did three in one! I had a few people wondering how we were going to pull this one off...three kids, three birthdays, three themes, one day. Well, it's simple really. We divided up the house, and we traveled around to different rooms to celebrate!

Reagan wanted a Spiderman themed birthday, and that is what he got!

He was all set up in the office, which is still mostly unfurnished. So it was a good space just for running around in. :) The kiddos looked cute trying on their Spiderman masks.

It was a web-slinging good time in the superhero set up. I loved the cityscape and the colorful signs. It just so happens that Mr. Reagan has a superhero bedroom, so some of the decorations are being repurposed there now. It helped to justify the cost when I was doing maybe just a little too much shopping for this day, haha. Across the hall was Gracie's Unicorn themed birthday in the dining room....

I really loved all of the bright and pretty colors in this room!

If you ever throw a unicorn birthday party, you HAVE to get that balloon. It's awesome! And HUGE.

The tablecloth was amazing and bright, too. I can send you links. ;)

Then through a small hallway we come into the third and final party room: Evelyn's Mario birthday.

I didn't do a ton of crafting for these parties, but I did put together a few things for this room. It was a fun theme!

Giant Mario says "Hello!"


After all of our guests arrived and had gotten a little something to eat, the birthday games began! We gathered in the living room to see just what kind of fun was in store. I tried to come up with an activity that would incorporate all three birthday themes. How do you tie together Spiderman, unicorns, and Mario? Haha, well....

Sitting on the fireplace was a locked treasure chest and a message from one of Spiderman's enemies, The Green Goblin. He told us that we could only have the treasure inside of the chest if we brought him 50 golden Mario coins which we could find inside of rainbow unicorn colored eggs hidden outside. 

There was a catch to our game. Unlike a normal egg hunt where you can just run and gather as many eggs possible as fast as you can, our kids could only get one egg at a time and bring it back to the basket that we were all collecting in. This made the game a little more exciting and challenging, and it totally wore our kids OUT. (Score!) 

So our entire party crew went outside in search of our elusive Mario coins!

We took a group "before" shot of all of the big kids.

The adults were saying some pretty goofy things to get John to smile, but he wouldn't budge, the little stinker. :)

Soon we counted down, and they were off! 

They ran their little hearts out! When it seemed like we had found every last egg, we went back inside to count up all of our Mario coins. 

"47, 48, 49...."

Uh oh. 

We were one short! So back outside everybody went!

Now, I have no idea what happened to egg #50. Maybe it's still out there somewhere. Maybe there never was a number 50. Haha. But just in case, I took an egg out with me and conveniently dropped it when no one was looking so that the "50th" egg could be found and we could unlock that darn chest!

In the end, we successfully paid the Green Goblin and earned our reward.

It was the typical piƱata scramble and craziness. 

Next up it was time to travel throughout all of the birthday lands to serenade our guests of honor. Everyone moved from room to room to room to give each of the birthday kids their special moment. 

Here's a look at their cakes. One bonus of having three birthdays in one? Three kinds of cake to choose from. We had oreo, red velvet, and vanilla!

I love that Grace's unicorn looks like it was trudging through the mud. :D

That thing was pretty heavy and it sunk in deep!

Spiderman's eyes lit up for a cool effect.

 And it's always a party with the Nintendo crew!

We went in backwards birth order to sing "Happy Birthday."

Reagan is so funny. It takes him forever to blow out his candles, because he takes short little huffs and puffs. :) Love him!

Then we moseyed to the unicorn room.

Gracie tried to play it cool while we sang to her. Her toothless bottom makes me giggle.

We had barely finished singing when she jumped up and said, "Onto the next room!" Haha.

So we gathered around one last time for Miss Evelyn.

Got them all in one blow!

As you might guess, after cake and ice cream cups there was some present opening. Each of the kids received their special requests, and I think everyone was pretty happy!

Especially this kid, who FINALLY got a diamond Minecraft sword.

I mean. Don't ask me. It's foam sword, but he wanted it more than anything in the entire world, haha. 

All three of the kids received a combined gift from Grandma and Grandpa Robert.

I'm sure they'll have fun driving that thing around!

We hung around outside and played for a while after this, and I've gotta tell the time we closed up shop I was out cold for the day. I wish we had a photographer that followed us around and just documented our life. If there had been any pictures of us after this, you would see nearly every member of our family passed out in the living room. :D I would have assumed having three birthday parties in one day would just streamline things and make it easier, but really I think it took all the energy of three birthdays anyway and knocked me out!

Not complaining, though. It was worth all of the effort. The kids had so much fun! They had been looking forward to this day for quite a while, and I think we accomplished what we set out to do. Now I don't have to think about another party again for quite a while. There are other things coming up on the horizon that require my attention, and boy am I excited for those! I sure hope you'll stick around with us!

Thanks for checking in, and have a great day!

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Stefanie said...

How fun! Birthday parties are exhausting but the memories re priceless!


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