Thursday, November 17, 2016

A New Home for the Holidays!

Now before the decoration police come out and cite me for some sort of holiday violation, let me just say that we HAD to haul out the holly early this year. :)

Typically we put up our tree and decorations on the day after Thanksgiving, but that just happens to be the day that we're leaving for vacation. It was either put everything up ahead of time or wait until the second weekend in December, and...nope. That's just not an option for this gal! I am so glad that it's done and that we can hit the ground running at home after we spend a week celebrating the season in grand style!

Unfortunately, this brings us to a very sad part of this post.

R.I.P Bertha.

There were many things that we had to get rid of when we moved, and our beloved Christmas tree was one of them. She overlooked many a Christmas in our family. She shined brightly and steadfastly every Christmas Eve. She was the backdrop of over eight years of photos, and we will miss her - a dear, sweet friend. :)

So now, we have a new guy on the block....

I call him Claude. Is that not just the best Christmas tree name ever?

It reminds me of what Santa Claus would call himself in a Hallmark movie special when he doesn't want anyone to know who he is. "Hello, my name is Mr. Claaaaau--uh, Claude. My name is Claude."

Claude is a much skinnier variety than Bertha was. And he has the neat trick of being able to switch between colorful and white lights, something that our children adore controlling via his remote control. By some miracle, we have not lost the remote yet.

But I'm jumping ahead here. It can't be a decorating for Christmas post without showing some of the decorating. :)

The kids were excited and ready to go last weekend! Evelyn was still feeling a little bit under the weather from an ear infection (that's cotton in her ear) but she was in good spirits. Poor thing! 

We brought up all of our familiar ornaments and introduced them to the new place. :) Once again, Eric and I didn't have to do much at all this year. The kids are old pros at this, and they get better every year at decorating the tree.

Charlotte did a great job of kicking ornaments around and banging them together. :) 

Even Eric joined in while Evie took a little rest....

I was hesitant to get an LED tree with colored lights, because in all of the pictures I've seen they just look really blue. For some reason the blue light dominates in photos and in video, but in real life there are lots of pretty colors that shine through. In the end, I'm glad we have options, because I do think the white lights will be better for picture taking.

We turned off all the lights, and the kiddos had a dance party!

There was supposed to be a video to accompany all of this, but my computer has really been hating me lately. Maybe it will show up in a future vlog. :) 

Over the next few days we worked on getting the rest of our decorations out and sprucing up a few more corners of the house. Have I said enough how happy I am to have a mantle to decorate again? This is what my dreams are made of, haha. I spent the last six Christmases wishing for a good place to hang our stockings!

And boy do we have plenty of them these days! If we had "mom" and "dad" stockings, they would barely fit!

Stockings have a tendency to hang pretty limp and lifeless, so if you're going for a real postcard Christmas look, here's a tip: Trace your stocking on a piece of poster board, cut it out, and slip it down inside before you hang it up. Your stockings will keep their shape this way and look fabulous! I cut mine about an inch short from the top so that no part of the poster board is peeking out when they are hanging. 

The kids love this countdown to Christmas ornament, which was a gift from their uncle Bruce and aunt Kathy. As you can see, Charlotte never leaves it alone....

I always struggled with where to put our tree in the last house... there was really no great place for it. Good ole Claude fits perfectly beside our fireplace. Together they make the room cozy and festive.

And beside that, our placemat pillows from last year are looking mighty fine on the new furniture.

Oy. It was right after I posted about these pillows last year that I got super sick with Lincoln and dropped off of the face of the planet for a while. I am so looking forward to puke-free holidays this year. :)

There are a few more things in the dining room...not at ton, just enough to make the space a bit more merry and bright.

If it were up to me there would be a tree in every room! But I'm not the only person who lives here, haha. And speaking of that....

Even though our upstairs is where all of the festive fun is happening, we've been spending most of our evenings below ground.

It's in the basement where we gather around with our popcorn and watch Christmas movies nearly every night. Since Mr. Robert protested putting a tree down here, I'm super thankful for this wreath that Grandma Beulah gave to us which give us just a little bit of Christmas cheer. :) It was too big to go above our mantle, but it fits quite nicely here. The first thing I do when I go down there is to switch on all of the lamps and turn on the flashing lights on the wreath! Makes me happy.

My view from the recliner...already making sweet memories this season. It's always the little things!

(Evelyn always sits on this table, even though there is a much comfier couch right behind her, haha. She cracks me up!)

Now that this is done I am breathing a little easier. We have a lot going on, and I wanted to be able to enjoy our first Christmas in our first house - not rush through it. Mission accomplished. Now we can focus this weekend on all of the prep that comes before we take a trip. 

Evelyn wants to say hello and wish all of you an (early) Merry Christmas!

But never you fear...we haven't forgotten about Thanksgiving this year. Looking forward to heading "home" next week to see friends and family and enjoy good food and good times. Then it's the OFFICIAL official kick off to Christmas! Hope all of you have fun prepping for the holidays this year, too!


Stefanie said...

So pretty!! I'm hoping to get our tree this weekend! The kids faces will be priceless!

Heather said...

I am so jealous of your mantle! And your basement! Can we come live with you?? :)


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