Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dino Sauring!

It was a lovely night at the theatuh!

Evelyn zipped up her scales and strapped on her tail last night to perform in her first musical, "Dino Soaring." There was singing, there was dancing, there was tail wagging...oh boy did Evelyn love wagging her tail.

Photography by Gracie, haha.

We were all set for a rip roarin' dinosauran good time! 

Evelyn auditioned for a speaking part and was also a part of the chorus singing lots of fun and upbeat songs about various dinosaurs. You know what...I actually learned a few things. :) It was super duper cute! I loved being in musicals when I was younger, and I'm so glad that she was able to have the opportunity, too!

But you know...this is one of those times when pictures and words just aren't going to cut it. So of course we have a video for you today of last night's performance. I hope all of the grandparents who weren't able to come will enjoy it. :) Just some clips of most of the songs, and we can't forget about Evelyn's speaking parts!

I was juggling a squirmy toddler through some of this, so yeah...sorry you're not getting Spielberg today. But this will give you the gist! It was a dino-mite, outta sight, rip roarin' good time!

And seriously, if you don't watch the whole video, just tune in for the last 30 seconds. I couldn't keep it together...Evelyn is a NUT! That's why we love her. :)

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is approaching so quickly! If I am being perfectly honest, I have not had a very good last few days...at all. We have had a lot of disappointments in our family lately, and I'm sure there will be questions about what's going on. So if I can gather the energy to explain some of it, I will share here tomorrow. I really want to have a thankful heart for the holidays this year. I'm trying, very hard. 

Hopefully we'll see you back here tomorrow. :)  


sblind2 said...

OMG - that last 30 seconds just made my day!!!

Stefanie said...

Oh my goodness! The end of that is just the best!!! 😂

Adrien said...

I laugh every single time! :D So glad I had the camera rolling for that, haha!


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