Friday, November 4, 2016

Election Weekend!

I had thought about saving this post until election day, but then I decided no way! I had to post this one while I still have time to convince you!! :)

So in case you hadn't noticed, it's an election year. And I've been loving all of the little papers Gracie has been bringing home from kindergarten. 

When these started rolling in, I couldn't help but giggle. They're just so...specific. :) Something about these little cartoon versions of the candidates makes me laugh. Maybe it's that no one here is trying to portray one or the other as the devil incarnate and they both have such bright, smiling, happy faces. I love that Grace gave the Donald a black suit and red tie...the power suit. She has been watching her daddy closely, haha.

I do have a couple of confessions for you today, in the spirit of Friday. The first is actually partially Gracie's.

Ahahaha! I can't tell you how much I LOVE that this is the child of Eric Robert - the former president of the Randolph County Young Republicans. :D After Gracie saw my reaction and we had just a short discussion on why I was cracking up, she said "...I didn't know...I am so embarrassed." To which I replied, "You are totally fine! You are six! Nothing to be embarrassed about." :) I am saving this little booklet forever

I'm actually really pleased that the school is taking the opportunity to teach our kids how this whole election thing works. Our girls will have election day off as their school is a polling place - it's our polling place, actually. And now a little confession of my own....

I am still not 110% sure who I am voting for. Mock me all you want, but I am struggling big time on whether to pull the trigger or stand my ground. Haha. I know who Eric is voting for, and I think I may follow suit...and then I'm not sure...I go back and forth. I am reassured in some strange way by his explanation of the whole thing. According to my husband's analysis, it doesn't really matter who wins on Tuesday. In some ways, we all win and we all lose. If Clinton gets it, that can actually be very good for Republicans in just a short jaunt down the road. Very good. And if Trump wins, that could end up being very good for Democrats in a couple of years and also in the next election. While everyone wants that "instant" victory, Eric is a much more long-term thinker. You'll have to ask him for more specifics, but when he explains it, it all makes so much sense. :) 

No, I am definitely not here to convince anyone one way or the other how they should vote next Tuesday. I just wanted to post this early to encourage my friends to take some time over the weekend to really understand all that we will be voting for.

Here's another confession of mine: Sometimes I'm so worried about who is on the top of the ticket, that I neglect truly knowing all of the other issues that take up 90% of the rest of the ballot. 

On Tuesday, it will take two seconds for most of us to vote for who we want as President of the United States. But once that is done, there is a whole host of other people and things we will have to vote for. 

If you are in Missouri, here is a great voter guide.
If you are in Illinois, here is one for you.

Educate yo'self.

As for me, no matter what I'm probably going to be walking out of my children's school next Tuesday wearing one of those "shameful" "I voted" stickers that are floating around on Facebook. Here are a few of my personal favorites. 

Happy weekend!

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Katie said...

I'm totally with you...I'm still not sure what I'm going to do when I have the ballot in front of me. And I spend WAY too much time obsessing over it so I'll be glad when it's November 9th.


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