Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween Night 2016

Happy November!

This is a month we've been anticipating for quite a while. Usually November 1st creeps up on me, but we've been watching the calendar like crazy this year! Before we can go forward and start dreaming of the holiday season and all of the fun ahead, we have some other things to look back on from October this week!

Last night we enjoyed Halloween in our new city. This is one of the few holidays that's a little difficult to go "home" for, so we hit the streets in our neighborhood to see how O'Fallon does Halloween. :)

Joining our crew was Chase from Paw Patrol, a couple of peacocks, Batgirl, and one little man in a candy corn sleeper because his costume order was cancelled on me this week, gosh darn it. Haha. It was a cute idea, but it can wait until next year! Reagan seemed to be less concerned about the fact that he was a certain character, and more excited just to be a dog. While I was running around by myself trying to get five kids dressed and ready, he was wagging his tail saying "Wiggle wiggle wiggle," pretending to lick people, and chasing his little sister around on all fours.

The big kids were ready to pound pavement, and Charlotte looked super cute in Evelyn's old peacock costume.

I wish I had a better picture of Mr. Linc for his first Halloween, but this was as good as it was going to get! 

He did great for most of the night!

I don't know why I would have expected anything different, but this night out felt just like all of our years past! The smell of fires crackling in driveways, cute kids running around, meeting neighbors...we felt right at home. Just like when the girls started a new school, kids are kids wherever you go, and Halloween is Halloween! 

I love this picture. :) It takes me back to six years ago....

You'd never know this was a different kid!

Halloween 2010

The kids had a lot of fun going door to door. I don't know that it ever gets any better than this! As Eric turned to me and said last night, our kids are at prime trick-or-treat ages right now. In fact, the only thing truly scary about our night was the realization that we only get a few more fleeting years of this with some of them. (Oh my gosh, seriously stop growing up!) 

After we had hit quite a few houses, Lincoln started getting fussy and we turned towards home. I stayed back for a little bit with the small ones while Eric took the big kids out for a little while longer. We did not even put a dent in our neighborhood by the end of the night! But you wouldn't know it. We have a gross amount of candy in this house today. :)

Our evening was not quite over yet. We had one stop to make to our friends the Stockdales. They wanted to see our kiddos in their costumes, so we loaded up in the van and over the highway and through the subdivisions to the Stockdale house we go! 

Beth and Bob had special treats for our kids, and it was so incredibly sweet of them to think of us. They are sort of surrogate grandparents for our kiddos when we aren't able to see our own grandmas and grandpas. :)

It was here that we took our annual family photo!

It had been a very long night by this point, haha!

Speaking of grandmas and grandpas, that was the one thing we definitely missed about our night. We typically visit with them before trick-or-treating every year. I know my poor mama was feeling pretty blue about us not being around for Halloween this year. But I did see pictures of John with his own stash of candy, so I assume they stayed plenty busy themselves! When we came home for the night once and for all, we enjoyed our traditional pumpkin pie nightcap, thanks to my mom. So we did have a little piece of our own grandparents with us after all. :) We'll be home for the big holidays, mom - promise!! 

The girls had an early dance class this morning, and I gotta tell ya, we were feeling it. Nothing like a little Halloween hangover! I truly feel for all of my teacher friends who had to deal with a holiday on a Monday, haha. We may all be feeling the repercussions for the rest of this week. :D 

Does it get kind of cliche after a while to say how thankful I am for times like these? Because I just can't think of another word for it! I absolutely love seeing other families enjoying time together. Seeing everyone's pictures makes my heart so full. I think we are so very fortunate to live in a place where we can make these carefree and fun memories! God Bless the USA. Haha.

Come back tomorrow to check out the WILD trip we took last weekend. ;) Introducing Lincoln to all of our favorite local spots! See ya later, friends!

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