Thursday, November 3, 2016

Lincoln Goes Wild

Well, we did it. We took our experimental day trip with all of the kids to get a little taste of what it might be like spending the day out and about in a very public setting with five kids seven and under. Strollers and diaper bags and remembering to bring emergency snacks...we were heading out for Lincoln's very first trip to the zoo. In just a few weeks we're going to be doing this several days in a row on a much larger scale, and I just wanted to get an idea of what we were getting ourselves into.

We discovered a few things. In addition to needing to pack half of our closets for the fluctuating late November Florida weather, we are also going to have to pack our patience. :)

Our days always start out with so much promise. :) 

We drove, we parked, we walked in. So far so good. Then right after we snapped this picture...

Lincoln started screaming his head off, and Charlotte began to escape from her side of the stroller unnoticed, which led to her falling out, hitting her head, and being run over. We were in the entrance to the zoo with two screaming children, a very foreboding welcome wagon. 

1.) Charlotte must be buckled down at all times, even though she hates it.
2.) I'm definitely going to need to bring a baby carrier, because Lincoln is not a fan of the stroller, either.

He is also not a fan of zebras, apparently. 

Little buddy just wants his mom! That, and he prefers napping on his belly. Being on his back in the stroller all day is just not ideal for this kid. I'm not going to lie, there were points on this trip that I was thinking to myself, "We are in big trouble!" But...someway, somehow it wasn't all bad. :)

Haha, I really wish I knew what they were seeing here. :)

The weather was gorgeous on this day - the perfect temperature. It was nice to just get out and stroll around in the fresh air. All of the halloween decorations were still up for Boo at the Zoo, and the kids got a big kick out of that!

Somewhere around the lion exhibit I whipped out our emergency bananas. It bought us about 20 minutes of time before the real "I'm huuuungry!" whining began from some of our children. After making our way through most of our favorite spots at the zoo, we began to head for the exit. And wouldn't you know, just as we were saying goodbye Lincoln decided to take a nap for the first time that day. I spent two hours holding a baby and pushing a stroller through winding paths, and he waited until mom and dad were waving the white flag before he let himself pass out. 

Yep, definitely going to need that baby carrier! It's kind of impossible to take pictures or video when you're holding a kid and juggling a stroller and anything else. But the good news? We will have some extra hands with us this year when we are on vacation. Eric's parents will be along this time, which makes just about everything about this trip different than what we've done in the past. I should probably post an update about that sometime. :)

It was Lincoln's first visit, but it was Charlotte's first time really enjoying it!

I'm really glad that we had this day. It was good to get out, and it was necessary. It solidified a few things in my mind that I assumed to be true about what we needed to be prepared for! Lincoln is a very good baby at home, but it's hard to predict how the little ones will react when you throw them in a different environment. Between this and Halloween night, we also know that Charlotte just wants to RUN everywhere. She is in that independent stage, and we're going to have to watch her like a hawk!

The Disney blogs this year could be very very interesting. :)

Hope you'll stick around this month for ALL of the planning and the holiday fun!

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