Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Adrien here, reporting live from the comforts of my bedroom - NOT Epcot where our family was supposed to be today.

For those of you who don't know, our trip to Disney was cancelled at the very last minute last week. I tried several times to write a post explaining what happened, but it was seriously depressing. I couldn't look at or even think about anything Disney related, and it still pains me to think about. Sometimes circumstances are out of our control and there is just nothing we can do, sucky as it may be. I feel like a real parent of the year right now, let me tell you. But the kids are handling it surprisingly well. (I don't know why I am still surprised by their reactions to things. They are always pretty resilient to this kind of stuff!) As Eric says, "The trip was not cancelled, it was postponed. We'll get to go, just not right now."

Crazy work schedules were among the several reasons for having to cancel. And that's about all I'd like to say about that. :) It was no one's fault. That's just life. Still, as Gracie said at the chilly bus stop this morning, "I sure wish I was in Florida right now!" about that Thanksgiving, huh?! It feels like eons ago to me.

It was a day for playing with cousins and eating lots of yummy food. A happy distraction!

There is no way we could let a few disappointments last week get in the way of being thankful for all that we have!

I love these people so much!

We divided our time on Thanksgiving Day between great grandma's. As usual it was really hard to get good pictures at my grandma's house...packed in like sardines! :) Babies were everywhere - an entirely new generation of people running around to enjoy the holidays with. 

We learned that Lincoln is a total homebody. He was fussy all day but complete smiles when we walked back in the door that night. Charlotte is absolutely obsessed with pumpkin pie...she could probably eat an entire one by herself. And the big kids are still convinced that Red Bud is the best place on earth and our "little house" is infinitely better than the one we live in now. Haha. Five kids in one bedroom, I simply cannot imagine that. But Grace says it's still the best by far!

Lincoln's first Thanksgiving!

He looks so big to me already! These are among the last holidays that I will be feeding and taking care of a little baby. Quiet moments in the middle of happy chaos. I think there will be a tiny part of me that misses this!

As usual, part of Thanksgiving included getting ready for the next big holiday around the corner. We officially have enough cousins now that drawing names for gifts is a necessity. We can't wait for cousins Lilly and Richie to be here at Christmastime. One mention of gifts and the kiddos got very excited! They started combing through the toy ads. :) Oh, to be a child during the holidays again. But I do agree with the sentiment that there is only one thing better than being a kid at Christmas, and that is being a parent and watching your children enjoy the holidays. Nothing beats it!

Our kids got to spend lots of time with grandparents over the weekend, and I'm not sure that anyone was quite ready to get back to the grind today. We were supposed to be on vacation, and instead it's business as usual. I hope that we are able to take the kids to do some special things to make up for it just a little bit!

At the end of the day, it's not about where I am with my family but the fact that we are all together, happy and healthy. We are going through a lot of crazy stuff right now, and some of it feels very lonely. I don't know that I have ever felt the importance of family more than I have over the last week. Maybe someday I will be ready to talk about all of it, but until then...can you pray for us? We would really appreciate your prayers for some unspoken requests today. 

For many months I viewed Thanksgiving as a day we would have to get through before we kicked off the "real" fun of our holiday season. Turns out that this day ended up being an important highlight - a bright spot in an otherwise dark time. We missed grandpa Greg at the Robert/Leach family Thanksgiving. He had to work! Greg was supposed to be on our Disney trip, too, but...crazy work! It couldn't be helped. (I hope you know that no one is upset, grandpa! Hope you get a break soon!) We'll try again and all will be well. :)

I hope YOUR Thanksgiving was spectacular. Now that I have some unexpected time at home, I am on Christmas shopping overdrive. Just want to get it all done so we can enjoy the rest of our season together. I am hopelessly behind where I usually am this time of year!

Thank you for checking in with us. Love!! 


Stefanie said...

Definitely praying. Someday, they won't remember the postponed trip, they'll remember the trip that did happen!

Adrien said...

Thank you so much, friend!


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