Monday, November 7, 2016

We Breed Stretchy Children

I think just about everyone in this life has something quirky about them. Something a little different or odd that makes them who they are. In our family, it happens to be that our children are extra bendable. It was something we noticed when Gracie was very small. When she stands up straight and tall, her knees don't lock into place like most people's do; instead, they bend backwards. It looks...a little creepy. :) Her fingers are also freakishly like quadruple jointed or something, but so are Eric's so we never thought much about it.

Check out what her thumb does when you ask her to give you a thumb's up....

That's not normal, haha. And more on the wheelchair in a minute!

About a month ago Evelyn came to us and wanted to show us a trick that she had discovered. She put both of her hands together, and what happened next made me SCREAM in slight horror and wonder as I watched my child perform a sideshow feat. Pictures can't really do it justice, but here's the gist....

It's SO WEIRD to see in real life!

Evelyn can put her hands together in front of her and make her arms fully rotate around to her back without letting go. Try it yourself - I bet you can't...because it's NOT NORMAL. :D Not that I hope she ever finds herself in one of these situations, but I'm going to say this would come in quite handy if she's ever tied up or handcuffed for some reason. I'm sure most policemen would not count on someone escaping because of their stretchy joints!

Charlotte is also extremely flexible, but we may have a few years before we discover anything extra special that she can do! So maybe it's just our girls. I just asked Reagan to give me a thumb's up, and his looks just like mine extra joints to speak of! But those girls of ours...they are regular old Stretch Armstrongs.

Fast forward to last night. Eric and I were just finishing up dinner in the kitchen when we heard a little thunk in the living room and Gracie started to cry. This is not unusual in our house. Then she said, "I can't move my leg! It's hurts, it hurts!" We are known for a little drama around here, so I slowly got up from the table to check out what was going on. At first, I honestly couldn't tell if she was faking it or if she was truly hurt. But soon I sensed this was the real deal, and I called Eric over. He tried lifting Grace onto the couch that she had fallen off of, and she let out a terrible yell. 

After about 30 minutes of realizing this wasn't going away and it wasn't going to fix itself, Eric prepped the car and gingerly carried Gracie out for a trip to the emergency room...her very first one.

She smiled bravely for her daddy in this picture, but she was still in a lot of pain at this point.

If you are friends of ours on Facebook, then you may have seen all of the updates online last night. I immediately put out a call to pray for our second daughter. I was really really hoping that her leg wasn't broken. What a bummer that would be with the holidays and vacation coming up. Would she be able to get on and off of the school bus every day? Oh please oh please, let it not be broken!

The wait at home seemed like forever, and I know the wait at the ER was no better! As I was waiting to get updates from Eric, I remembered a time probably a year or so ago when Gracie almost had to go to the emergency room for her arm. She had fallen at her grandparent's house, and we were just about to take her when her shoulder magically popped and all was well. Knowing she has crazy joints, I was really hoping that maybe Grace just has joints that pop in and out of socket more easily than normal. Crazier things have happened, right?

Grace caught the attention of several other people in the waiting room with her, who thought the little girl in the wheelchair was so cute. :)

After what felt like forever, Grace was finally wheeled back for an x-ray. Even after some extreme pain killers she was still in a lot of pain any time she needed to be lifted or moved. As they carefully rolled her over to get a different shot, Grace's knee suddenly popped into place. Eric said he could physically feel Gracie change...relief washed over her face and her body instantly relaxed. The radiologist said, "Well, I think we found the problem!" Gracie's knee had been dislocated out of the side.

She was able to walk back to the wheelchair all by herself! Good as new - thank you, Lord!

All of Grace's waiting room friends were so pleased to see her walking out of there!

I've heard adults describe dislocations they often hurt worse than breaks, but once they are popped back in, it's like magic! Well, this is the second time in just a couple of years that it has happened to Gracie. I have always been SUPER paranoid about the kids pulling around on each other too much for this very reason, and now...well...this does nothing for my paranoia. :) Also, unfortunately, this may mean that some of our kids should stay away from certain activities as they get older. I'm not sure cheerleading or gymnastics as a sport would ever be a great idea for this one, even though she seems to love both. She's just too darn poppable!

The pediatrician on call gave us a name for what she suspects Gracie and possibly some of our other children may have. It's called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome so yes, it is a very real thing after all. It's genetic, as we suspected. Almost all of our babies have come home from the hospital with concerns about popping hips that turn out to be nothing serious, just strange. This might explain that!

We're just one popping, stretchy bunch!

I've made lots of jokes in the past about how we should have our own little circus, and now we may be able to add a couple of more acts to the show. :) The rest of our weekend had been quiet and normal as I did a lot of preliminary prep for things coming up. We just had to add a little bit of drama at the end to spice things up a bit! Grace is now proudly sporting a bandaged knee to school. She couldn't wait to tell her tale to her friends and teachers today, haha.

Now you know a few more of our family's oddities. Eventually there will be no secrets here, but we're all family right? Thank you to all who prayed for Gracie last night. Our prayers were answered, and now we can look forward to all that's ahead with no broken bones in this house...I hope! 

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Stefanie said...

Oh my goodness! I cringed at those pictures!! So glad she's better! I'm waiting for our days of stitches and broken bones too!


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