Monday, December 5, 2016

I Like the Knightlife Baby

It was time once again for the annual Knights of Columbus Christmas party, and there was no way we were going to miss it. We have to be choosy these days about which events we come "home" for, knowing that it's a bit more of a time commitment with the drive. But when this is one of just a few things that the kids start talking about long before the season starts, you know that it's worth the extra miles!

We got all dressed up and ready to go! And nope...I didn't bother making my bed or picking up before we took a bunch of mirror photos. Getting five kids ready to go somewhere is no joke!

Before the party we stopped in for a visit with my mom, of course. She did the annual cookie baking extravaganza on her own this year - one of the sacrifices of moving away! But I hear she did leave some to do over Christmas break. ;)

Soon we found ourselves at the party, where I got a lot of blurry pictures of kids who were much too excited to sit still. Who can blame them?!

I'm learning to embrace the fuzzy pictures. I used to skip right over them when choosing photos to share in posts or blogs, but seriously...there is a lot of life happening in those moments. :)

Aunt Amy is brilliant, and she always brings something for the kids to do while they wait for all of the official fun to start!

Pardon me while I share some of the one million photos that we took. 

There's Gingy!

Hello, little Linc!

After everyone had their fill of dinner it was time for some traditions. (And thank goodness we have a couple of kids who are now old enough to hold their own plates in a buffet line, haha. What a world of difference!) Next up was singing some tunes to earn a little Christmas cash!

Reagan sang a rousing chorus of "Jingle Bells" with the girls to get his dollar. :) 

They had an adoring audience, of course.

Some of Gracie's first paychecks on the road to becoming a rockstar. ;) 

As all of the adorable singing began to wind down, the distinct sound of jingle bells could be heard in the air. Could it be? Is it he?

I thought Reagan was going to come out of skin when Santa Claus made his way through the hall and found a seat near the Christmas tree. All of the kids eagerly awaited their names to be called to get their shot at telling Santa what they want for Christmas!

We got a ton of pictures and video of all of this, but I'll just share one of each here today. We were so happy to see the best Santa around at the party this year!

Grace wants a lava lamp. Evelyn wants a sled and some Shopkins. :)

Poor Reagan had been trying to tell me for weeks what he wanted for Christmas, and I couldn't understand what the heck he was saying. 

"A heart doctor?"
"A hotdog shirt?"

Finally, I figured out he was trying to tell me he wanted a helicopter. Haha. But I wasn't alone in the end. A boy at the party asked Reagan what he wanted, and the boy said, "I thought he said he wanted a heart doctor!" Heart doctor, helicopter. Same thing!

Lincoln fell asleep just before his turn. That's fine by me...always makes the cutest Santa pictures!

And then there was Charlotte. Charlotte was terrified of Santa last year, so I had no idea how she would react this year. It was looking promising when he walked into the room and she got VERY excited along with the other kids. But when it was actually her turn to sit on his knee....

She wiggled and squirmed until someone came to her rescue. :) But she did like admiring him from afar. Eventually she found her reflection in one of the ornaments on the tree and thought that was just dandy.

What a goose!

I think Eric had to keep his eyes pried open with toothpicks on the drive home last night, but I would say it was well worth it! The kids had so much fun. It was great to pop in and see my mom and for the kids to hang out with John and their cousins for a little while. Eric, are you sure we can't buy a second home in Red Bud? It would make a lovely vacation destination. Haha! We could have dual state citizenship. And the schools wouldn't mind if we were there one week and gone the next, I'm sure. Wasn't common core supposed to make that possible or something? :)

In other news, the heat in this dang house keeps going out, and I'm currently waiting on the repairman (for the second time this month) to get here and defrost us. It's a good thing I have these lovely pictures and memories to sift through while I sit huddled beneath blankets with my babies. Eric is traveling this week, so it's back to the grind for us. I foresee a lot of Christmas movie watching every evening while we await his return. Christmastime is here!

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Stefanie said...

You have the cutest outfits! And your kids with Santa are just adorable!


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