Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Nibble Nibble Like a Mouse...

...who is nibbling at my house?

If you know who says that, we are friends. I know I've mentioned it here before, because it freaked me out as a child and has clearly scarred me for life. :)

It seems like every year that we are putting together the family gingerbread house Eric is traveling. It's sort of a tradition now. Dad leaves, we decorate tiny cookie homes. This year our resident elf Moe brought our house once again, and the kids were driving me crazy to put it together! We finally got around to candy construction last night.

We used a Disney kit this year. It comes with some Mickey shaped candies and a few cute character cut outs. Our particular house came from the North Pole bakery of course, but I hear you can pick them up at Walmart, too. And thankfully, our sweet residence does not belong to a wicked witch in the middle of the forest who wishes to eat children. Because that is so weird, and the dudes who came up with that idea were seriously disturbed.

Looking at you, Jake and Will G.

Last year we had some malfunctions with a home that did NOT want to stay together no matter what we did. The roof just slid right on off of the icing mortar, and the walls caved in like the house was disappearing into a brown sugar sinkhole. So this time we totally cheated and hot glued that sucker together. Those pieces were not going anywhere! It made for much fewer headaches. I vote that from now on all gingerbread house kits come with a complimentary glue gun. Or real cement.

As usual, there was just as much finger licking and candy sneaking as there was decorating. All part of the fun, right? And no matter how sloppy and sticky, you can't really go wrong with colorful gumdrops and candy will always come out cute. ;)



Those are the sounds our house makes when it models to the left and right, in case you didn't know.

Once again, we aren't winning any awards, but the kids did have a very good time! That's one more holiday tradition complete this year. Check! You won't be seeing this mother trying to bake up her own gingerbread any time soon (like ever) but these little kits are so quick and easy...simple holiday fun! My favorite kind.

Hope your day is super sweet!

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