Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Let's Do the Time Warp Again! Sunny Days and Christmas Morning

Winters in the midwest seem to drag on forever. They are long and cold and sometimes brutal, and half of the time we don't even get the nice fluffy white stuff to enjoy that makes it worth it for a day or two. Most of the time it's just ICE or SLUSH or cold cold rain. In other words, it's not even worth trying to get out a lot. Winter here means that "Do you wanna build a snowman?" sounds a lot more like "Do you wanna break a hip bone?" or "Would you like to catch pneumonia?" ;)  I know some of you weirdos like winter, and I'm thankful for you. You keep our economy moving, haha.

For the rest of us, praise the Lord that we're often granted a little reprieve from all of the yuck this time of the year. I only know and remember that because of this blog. It seems that every year around this time there's a post about us getting out for a walk or an unexpected day at the park or something. Our reprieve came on Saturday this year. Hallelujah!

The ground was wet, but we spread out our favorite blanket anyway and let Lincoln take his first ride on the magic carpet. Lots of memories on this beauty. Lincoln, meet magic carpet - carpet, meet Lincoln. You're going to have a beautiful relationship this year.

There was frisbee throwing and sidewalk chalking. Lots of running around. Later, grandma Joan came up for a visit and the kids got to take a trip to the playground. They got lots of fresh air this weekend! Now half of them have coughs again, but...worth it. Haha.

The afternoon sun was beginning to set, and the kids were playing under the deck. They practically set themselves up for some of our first outdoor pictures of the year. They are well trained. :)

My poor scraggly son got a haircut a few hours after this. :D 

Yes, this day was like a shot in the arm with sunshine - just what the doctor ordered! Now to completely switch gears on you, we're going to do some of that time warping I was talking about last week. From sunny days that almost feel like spring to Christmas morning! I was finally able to put together a little vlog of our Christmas Day 2016. 

It's such a sweet time. And our kids are at a sweet age. These are the years we will remember forever. These are the moments we will always hold in our hearts. If you can stand it, here's one more dose of Christmas cheer, Robert style.

One of our best Christmas mornings yet. :)

You all continue to be such a source of joy to this family! Your encouragement is phenomenal. I have the very best kind of people in my life. On Friday evening we were blessed when a friend sent us dinner, because she knows sometimes stressed out moms just need a little break! Stefanie and I haven't seen each other since college, but through the wonder of the internet meals can be sent even from miles and miles away!

Stefanie blogs too, and you can check out her writing right here!

Thanks again, girl! 

And thanks to all of you for stopping by today! My hope and prayer is that 2017 is our family's BEST year yet. I've been praying the same for so many of you, too. Let me know how that's going occasionally. :) Moving onward and upward! 

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Stefanie said...

Thanks for the shoutout! Glad you enjoyed the break from cooking! Your kids are stinking adorable!!


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