Monday, March 6, 2017

A Birthday for Charlotte Rose

It took us a really long time to decide what to name our third baby girl two years ago. There were several names that we liked...we just couldn't pin down just the right one. From our list of "classic" favorites there was Caroline and Scarlett and Vivian and Eloise...I'm sure if we decided to have infinite numbers of children we would continue to choose from that pool. :) Even though it took months to decide on Charlotte's first name, we always knew that her middle name would follow tradition in our family and have a floral flair. Rose was picked from the start.

Our little Charlotte Rose lived up to her name, being born a red head and with all of the beauty and sass of a southern belle, which is exactly what her name reminds me of! When it was time to think of a theme for her party this weekend, roses were an obvious choice.

We make our own cakes, and we are not professionals. And by we, I mean me. But you can see what we were going for, right? Haha.

The kids helped me to roll up a little bouquet of napkins! We didn't go over the top (who me?) this time, but there were some themed touches here and there. It turned out super cute and it only took a few minutes to clean up the next day which is, of course, the best part. :D 

Charlotte had been napping just before her party, and when she woke up she was out of sorts and wondering what all of the people were doing in her house, haha. Soon she was catching up with grandma. Char is a hand talker....

 Cracks me up!

It was a super low-key party with grandparents and aunt Jamie who made the trip up with my mom...hi, aunt Jamie!

Oh, Gracie girl. :)

Pardon me while I swoon for a minute here. ;) 

As you can imagine, I don't see my mom these days nearly as much as I used to, so any excuse to get together is a good one! It was a nice day just to catch up.

As always, my most favorite pictures are taken while we're singing "Happy Birthday." You can usually get a little glimpse of a kid's personality when all eyes are on them, haha.

Charlotte had been sung to for days by this point, and she's just about got the whole song down herself! She is at that lovely parroting stage where she will attempt to repeat just about anything you say...which can be a little dangerous when you have older siblings that think it's hilarious to say really goofy things!


It was a good day that the kids had been looking forward to. I needed it! A day to just be in my element for a little while. :)

Family is such a special thing. I'm super thankful for mine, and for my extended family too...which reaches out much further than people I am related to. Everyone says this, including me ALL of the time, but I seriously have the best people surrounding me. Good, solid people who understand the importance of real love and of encouragement and who lift each of us up in prayer...people who check in when things get too quiet around here...people who just don't go away no matter what. ;) Thank you. Thank you for not going away. You're going to get a special blessing someday, you just wait and see. 

It's easy sometimes to get caught up in the past. To get super sentimental and lose yourself for a minute as the flood washes over you and the realization that this is all going much too fast temporarily takes over. As each of our kids turn another year older this year, we will quietly treasure the past and look forward to all that the future will bring us. And we will pray to the only one who has already been there. He knows what we do not know and sees what we do not see.  He gives and he takes away. In the end, he promises his kids that he only wants the best for them, so I'm convinced that is just what we'll have. I don't know what that looks like, and I don't know what further trials we will have to go through to get there, but I do know that everything is going to be just fine. :)

Happy Birthday, Charlotte. I pray your future is full of love and wonderful memories with your family. We love you so much!

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Stefanie said...

Such sweet memories! She is adorable! And nope, I'm not going away, ha! I'm still praying!


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