Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spring Updates!

We are on spring break this week, which means it's that time of the year once again! We knew when we moved in to our new house last summer that some of the renovations we wanted to do would be done in phases...and phase two is slowly but surely revving up around here.

We are mainly continuing to furnish areas of our home that need it, and we have spent the last several weeks debating which projects we should tackle this year and which ones we should save for the future. Hardwood floors or a fence? New kitchen cabinets? Windows? Carpet upstairs? I think we have reached a decision...I think. :) We have some landscaping projects that are going to be getting underway soon, and we may just focus on the outside of our home primarily this year for the "big" things and work on getting a functioning office and buying furniture on the inside. We'll see!

Just last night we did something that we had hesitated to do for quite a while, and you can see it in that picture right behind me.

The kids are certainly enjoying it! We put a TV in our living room. 

Now I know this isn't strange for most people, and some households may have a TV in nearly every room...but we resisted this one! We purposely put one television upstairs and one in our basement, keeping the main level of our house a more quiet space. But Eric saw a great deal one day and couldn't pass it up, so we ended up with a third TV set, haha. We are trying it for now. And it's NOT going to be on all of the time. But we couldn't resist a little Fuller House this morning while some work was being done in our office. :) I need to find some long baskets to go underneath the highboys that we bought for either side of the fireplace. If you know a great place to find some, let me know!

Before we can finish off our office we needed to have the GIANT HOLE that was in our ceiling patched up from a bathtub leak upstairs. (Ay yi) We are currently on day two of three in that process. I snuck under the plastic to take a picture....

No more hole! And it will look good as new once the paint is rolled on tomorrow. 

So yes, that is what we are presently up to. Enjoying some time off of school and working a bit on the house. I am super excited to get a swing set for the kids soon so that we can get outside and enjoy the weather...when it finally decides what to do with itself! Finally...a real yard with a real place for a swing. Took us nearly a decade. :) 

Now to swirl through time a bit....

A couple of weeks ago Eric and the big girls had a night out with some princesses. I couldn't not share a few pictures from the evening. They all had a great time!

They had been looking forward to this for quite a while!

We are loving Moana right now! Watching her nearly every day. :)

Nothing like a little daddy/daughter time. I'm sure the girls will never forget it. :)

It wasn't exactly Disney World...but...that's for later this year. ;) We owe the kids one cancelled vacation, haha! 

There is always good to be found in life. Always. Always blessings to be found, even when things are nutso. God's mercies are new every day, and's a new day! So have a great one, friends.


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Stefanie said...

Daddy daughter dates are so special! And projects are never ending when you own a house but it's so fun to see those transformations!


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