Monday, June 12, 2017

Evelyn is Eight!

Today we celebrate one very special girl's eighth birthday. Eight years since Eric and I became parents to this sweet and spunky kid - holy moly!

Evelyn hadn't quite entered the world yet at the time that I am writing this post, but Eric and I had already spent one very long night waiting in the hospital for her arrival eight years ago. I didn't get a wink of sleep that night, tossing and turning and thinking about meeting our very first child. We were so woefully so many ways. :)

I remember the hospital room being cold and Eric didn't have adequate blankets to sleep with. We had no idea that we had control over our room's thermostat. It was a long night for both us! This whole routine, one that would become quite familiar to us in the coming years, was all brand new.

Evelyn was one of the babies where the epidural didn't work the first time during one of the hardest labors I would ever have, and she gave us all quite a scare when her heart rate plummeted and we nearly had to have an emergency c-section. She made her entrance into the world full of drama...and she has never stopped enjoying being the center of attention! 

There is a lot that becomes a blur over the years. The details can become foggy when you have had five babies. But I will never forget as Evelyn made her debut hearing Eric's voice call out to me, "Here she comes!" I had never heard a tone of such awe and expectation come from my husband, and I have never heard it since. He was about to be a dad for the very first time. He was seeing something he had never seen before. I didn't look. Haha! Eric held my hand, and we finally met the little one that would change the course of our lives forever. You don't get moments like these twice. And they are over so quickly. I hope Heaven comes full of instant replays of some of the highlights of our life. :)

Our Evelyn Lily was our honeymoon baby, so she has quite literally been with us from the very beginning. She was an unexpected and special gift. God orchestrated her very existence even by manipulating our wedding date. I wanted our wedding to be on September 20, but the hall was booked already. So the 13th it was! If we had been married one week later, we might not have had our little Evie. No coincidences. No mistakes. She was just meant to be. :)

I see the stirrings of a "big girl" in our oldest already. Evelyn is more emotional these days. She likes to spend quiet time by herself in her room. I am often calling out all over the house to find her, because she is perfectly content to wander off by herself to read a book or watch a video on her own. I was thinking forward to the festivals we will attend this summer and how there are some rides that she will have outgrown by now. I can't believe we are here already. I can't believe that we are preparing to leave another stage of life behind with her. She is shedding more and more of the little kid stuff every day and looking forward to the things she will do when she is bigger. We are sort of at an in-between stage at the moment, and I will be holding on to that for as long as possible!

Evelyn still wants to be an artist when she grows up, and her dad picked out all sorts of special gifts for her to hone her skills. We're already discussing the Disney college program out world. Ha! We're hoping to pull a little party together for her his weekend, because of course we want to celebrate this amazing kid properly. For now, we're enjoying a quiet day at home with all of our normal birthday traditions - cake, presents, and Evie gets to pick dinner tonight. I hope she can feel our love for her!

We love you so much Evelyn, and I know that your eighth year will be full of fun and great memories! Happy Birthday! 


Sara Simpson said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!

Adrien said...

Thanks, Sara!


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