Friday, June 30, 2017

Evelyn's Pineapple Under the Sea

Yes, yes, we've reached the age where I can't just come up with random cutesy party themes anymore and get away with it. My children have these things...these pesky little things that cramp my mom know, opinions.

So apparently, "Ice Cream" and "Camping" and "Enchanted Forests" and the like are not all the rage anymore, but SpongeBob Squarepants...he takes the cake!

You'll notice I'm woefully behind on this one. I have some confessions to make. Those are going to have to wait for another post. But I couldn't NOT document a birthday party around here...that is Getting There blasphemy. So here we go. Just a few details here and there for one special girl's eighth birthday party!

Evie was thrilled with how everything came together, which is really all a parent can ask for. The best part of all is that all of the decor had to come from the store on this one, and we happen to have a Party City right around the corner from our house, haha. (Don't even attempt to find Spongebob decor at a typical big box store...couldn't even find a thing at Walmart!) In other words...I didn't have to stay up until 2:00am every night for weeks to make this one come together. Five kids, you needs a break! :)

Okay, I did take two minutes to cut out some construction paper fish...I guess I couldn't help myself.

There was under the sea punch and our best friend Patrick was doing cannon balls into some queso. This made me giggle maybe just a little bit harder than I should have....

So there wasn't a ton of organization to this shindig. It was just a really good excuse to get everyone together in one place! It also happened to be Father's Day. I hadn't seen my dad in a really long time. He had never been to our house, and he had never met Lincoln. God has been doing huge things in our family'll see him the background of one of these pictures. My dad, not God. :) I can't wait to share the story of how God has done miracles in our family with you someday.

Someday. :)

We had "krabby patties" for dinner, of course!

And here is the star of the show....

Growing up and growing more beautiful all of the time. We love our Evie girl. She is a sweetheart!

This was seriously the sweetest cake I have ever eaten. Pretty sure I still have a little bit of a psychedelic sugar buzz from this baby. 

Inside of this giant box there was a box within a box within a box...all leading down to one very small package that Evelyn had been BEGGING for forever and which I don't think she actually expected to get. But you know...daddy might be wrapped around her little finger a little bit. :D Haha.

Now Evelyn is the proud owner of her own phone, and let me tell you, the text messages I get from my daughter are priceless! Haha. (Yes, it is set up with extremely tight restrictions!)

She was just a little bit happy about it. 

All in all it turned out to be a great day for everybody. I was happy Evelyn's dreams came true, haha, and she finally got the party she had been wanting for a long time. I don't know what it is about that Spongebob! 

I feel like our days of these kinds of parties for Evie are running short. Soon she will want to go out with friends for her birthday and have sleepovers. I foresee trading in afternoons with cake and punch to nights at the movies and late night giggles. :) That's okay. Our first baby girl is growing up and we'll treasure these days while we can!

Thanks, all for checking out Evelyn's Spongebob birthday! It's was tons of fun under the sea!  Please check back next week for some new things coming up on the horizon. See ya Monday! 

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