Friday, June 16, 2017

Here's to Dads!

This weekend many families will be celebrating fathers, and grandfathers, and father figures all over our great country. I LOVE an excuse to brag on our resident father, Mr. Robert. Evelyn, Grace, Reagan, Charlotte, and Lincoln are truly blessed to be able to call this guy dad....

There are so many reasons to honor Eric today for his role in our family, but we're picking our 10 favorite things about him to highlight on this Father's Day weekend!

Dad's night at school. :)

* Evelyn says that she LOVES cuddles and snuggles with daddy! Yes, I must say he is an excellent cuddler and snuggler. ;) Haha. I know there is no more precious and safe place to be than in the arms of a loving father. Thank you Eric for showing love and affection to our babies.

* Gracie says that she loves surprises from her dad. Eric finds himself away from home quite a bit, but his kiddos always know that he is thinking about them when he brings little surprises home from his adventures. Eric enjoys buying small gifts for our kids all of the time, and I know that someday they will always remember the image of their dad standing in front of them with a sly smile on his face and his hands behind his back filled with special tokens just for them.

*Reagan loves having "a sleepover with daddy!" So, very recently our AC went out and our family found itself scattered for a night to beat the heat in our house. Eric and Reagan ended up together in his parent's basement, and I think our little man was just tickled pink about that. :) I don't think he'll ever forget the night he and dad spent together at grandma and grandpa's!

*No one makes our babies eyes light up more than their dad. Charlotte and Lincoln can't say a lot just yet, but take it from the person who spends pretty much 24/7 with these two, it's a special time when daddy comes home! In her limited vocabulary, Charlotte has added "Where's daddy?" She always wants to know when he is coming home. I know there is great comfort for the littlest ones when our family is all together and whole!

*I so appreciate that Eric is a dad who shows up. If there is a special event at school, a volunteer opportunity, a conference, or ANYTHING involving his kids, he is there. Those of us who are grown already know how much this really means to a child, so thank you Eric for always being there.

*Eric is a hard worker and a diligent provider. When God established Eric as the head of our household and leader of our family, He gave all of us a great blessing. I only hope that we are able to be a blessing to Eric in return! All of the things he does for this family, big and small, do not go overlooked. I pray that God pours out his blessings right back on him!

*Maybe one of the most special times of the day with his children is right before bed, when Eric helps them brush their teeth, and he reads scripture and prays with them. This is sometimes a chaotic routine and often ends with a "Oh my gosh kids, get to sleep!" haha. But this is another one of those things that they will never forget, and I hope they are learning through their father's example to speak the love of God to their own kids someday.

*Eric makes sure that his children get to have fun. He is always up for a trip to the movies, a family outing here there and everywhere, and even special dinners one-on-one when he can sneak them in. Quality time is high on his priority list, and I know it always will be! With five kiddos jostling for attention that requires a lot of his time and patience, and he gives it freely. He's a superhero. :)

Grace's birthday card for her dad this year. :)

And Evie's....


 *No matter how crazy things are here, at the end of the day Eric always reassures me of his love. When he shows me great kindness and respect, our kids definitely notice. Sometimes we forget how closely kids watch the relationship of their mom and dad. Because of the covenant we made together and with God in marriage, that love will never be extinguished, no matter what. God's promises never fail - what a great comfort to our family.

*Eric is a child of God, and reflected through his Father I see so many admirable qualities that they share...there is no idleness in his hands...he has a real conviction for fairness and justice...he is generous...he has a love for children and special place in his heart for the rights of the unborn...Eric is a wonderful counselor in times of trial...he speaks with confidence...he shows no partiality...he is always learning and growing in depth of insight. To say that I respect and admire him is a huge understatement.

We are pulling double-duty this weekend as we celebrate dads and Evelyn's 8th birthday on Sunday. I simply couldn't let our daddy be overshadowed by Spongebob Squarepants (Evelyn's choice of party theme, haha!) I hope that Eric gets some time to just relax, maybe tinker in the garage like he does so much these days, and feel the love his family has for him this weekend.

Eric, you are one in a million, pal! Love you! Happy Father's Day. :)

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